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Graye's App

Post  GrayeWolf on Mon Oct 01, 2012 8:06 am

Minecraft Username: Grayewolf

What is my current rank: I am currently a User.

Why I believe I would be a great staff member: Like I said, I have experience with these kinds of servers (Faction PVP, raiding, mcmmo, etc.) I've been on all types of servers, from creative to PVP to RP. I've been promoted to Moderator and higher ranks dozens of times. I can help out quite well and I'm very friendly. I can also improve on the server any way I can.

How have I helped the server (helping new players, etc): I've voted for the server :3 But if I was to have seen more players, I would welcome and guide them through any problems on the server.

Who has recommended me to become a staff member (if any): None so far :l

Have I Ever Been Banned (If so why?): No, I have never been banned before.


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Re: Graye's App

Post  Ryan6338 on Mon Oct 01, 2012 8:15 am

Its great to see that you are keen to help the server although I do not believe that i should rank you mod because I don't know you enough. Keep playing on the server and show me what you are like and i'm sure you will get staff in no time.


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