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JackDunlop2002's App For Staff

Post  JackDunlop2002 on Fri Dec 14, 2012 3:29 am

Username: JackDunlop2002

Current Rank: Soldier

Why I Believe I Would Be A Great Staff Member: Because i Am Friendly, Approachable And Happy To Help Anyone In Need. I Also Am Quite Regularly Able To Come On The Server.

How Have I Helped The Server: As I Am Quite New To The Server I Haven't Really Got To Do Much But I Would Always Try My Best To Help Everyone In The Server With Whatever They Need.

Who Has Recommend You To Become A Staff member Of The Server (If Any): No-one So Far.

Have I Ever Been Banned And Why: Unlike Other People I Am Going To Be Honest And Say, Yes. I Got Banned From A Small Server For Accidently Spamming Their Chat Bar, It Was An Accident Because I Didn't Think My Chat Was Showing Because It Was Laggy And Continually Kept Posting The Same Saying.

Thanks For Your Time,



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