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Craftonics Rules

Post  Ryan6338 on Thu Sep 20, 2012 9:45 pm

There is no excuse for not knowing the rules in Craftonics and being caught breaking the rules (which you will be eventually) will result in a ban or an appropriate punishment. All bans will be able to be appealed in the forums although repetitive bans for breaking serious rule will result in a not being unbanned anymore. Please do not lie about breaking any rules because we know and it only lowers the chance of your unban. If you don't understand any rules please ask a staff member.

RULE 1: No Grief (excludes raid world)
Grief is not allowed on this server in any way. Grief is considered if you have either destroyed anouther persons block unless it LOOKS natural in which case the staff will decide if it is punishable. This server runs logblock and will follow up on any complaints about grief. All grief can be rolled back and is pretty much pointless unless you want a ban.

Punishment: For griefing you will usually get a warning and if it happens again, a ban. The ban time depends on how bad the grieifing is.

RULE 2: No Spamming or caps
If you send a message over and over again in a really short time frame you will be banned. It is up to staff online to consider if what you are doing is considered spam.

Punishment: You will be muted

Rule 3: No Racism, Sexism or Nazism
Please do not say anything offensive to people of other decent.

Punishment: Breaking this rule will get you muted and jailed after that if you continue you will get a ban.

RULE 4: Please Respect All Players And All Staff
Being rude or disrespectful to players can be taken really seriously and Craftonics staff will not put up with it.

Punishment: You will be muted

Rule 5: No Spawn Killing
Spawn killing players includes killing them instantly as they teleport to their homes or f homes. You must give them time to gear up and get ready.

The punishment for this rule is jail time

Rule 6: No Setting Homes in Other Peoples Bases (excludes raid world)
You are not allowed to set home in other peoples homes and bases without their permission. If you wish to set home their get them to say you can and get a screen shot. (Just for proof)

If you are caught doing this your sethome will be removed and you will

Rule 7: Do not ask/beg for staff positions
Asking for staff positions, op or creative will dramatically lower your chances of actually getting one we choose a very select few members to become staff. Begging for them or continuously asking will get you muted

Rule 8: No Hacking, Cheating or Glitching
Things that fall under this section: bug abuse (block lag), x-ray mods, nodus, x-ray texture packs, etc

Punishment: If you are found doing ANY of these things you will be

Rule 9: No advertising
Advertising on our server is saying other server names, ip addresses or domains

Punishment: For this you will get muted and if it continues mute + jail

RULE 10: No Pillaring (excludes raid world)
Pillaring is not allow to be used to get over walls or into houses or anything else unless you own it.

Punishment: For breaking this rule you will be jailed and if you continue, banned.

Rule 11: Do Not Complain About Death
Complaining and whining about death will get you nowhere, staff will not get you your items back or teleport you to where you died. If you dont like this rule, stop dying

Punishment: If you annoy the staff, mute

Rule 12: No Alternate Accounts to Avoid Bans/Mutes
Using an alternate account to do this will get your 2nd account instantly banned

Rule 13: Do not avoid censors
If you avoid censors you WILL be muted


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