Morfab's Application for Moderator

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Morfab's Application for Moderator

Post  IceBurgers1 on Sun Dec 09, 2012 1:03 pm


Minecraft Username: Morfab / fabmor123 / IceBurgers1 (If I could only have one as Moderator I would choose Morfab)

What is my current rank: My current rank on Craftonics is Member.

Why I believe I would be a great staff member: I have had a lot of experience as a staff member in the past. I have been a Game Moderator and a Forum Moderator for a prestigious Roleplaying server known as Lord of the Craft. I have been an Administrator on a server named Age of Fatality as well as having run my own rather successful server for a year known as IceCraft. I did not believe in donations, and I ran the 75 slot server on my own cash, but I ran out of money, therefore causing me to close the server. More specifically for factions servers I have been the Top PvPer on Hardcore Factions server. I used to be a Moderator on an McPvP server as well as being Head-Admin on SCFactions. As you can see from the list, I have been very experienced with Factions servers as well as being a high positioned staff member. I believe I would be good for this role as I am extremely active on servers I play on and can help players most of my time. During the week I would be able to play 5 hours a day, and during the weekend a running total of 12 hours.

How have I helped the server (helping new players, etc): Although I am a relatively new member to this server, I have been able to help players by giving them a headstart (Going to spawn and upgrading their weapons to iron) from my own resources. I have also been able to help a few players get to warps such as skyview and parkour (which I must say are both very fun) as well as teaching them the basics of the factions plugin.

Who has recommended me to become a staff member (if any): It was not recommended by anyone, I just thought that there was a lack of staff online and I wished to help!

Have I Ever Been Banned (If so why?): I have never been banned on a single server.


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